Binging with Babish: White Castle Order from Harold & Kumar


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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish   5 days back

    This movie is like a time capsule - remember what it was like back in 2004, when it was this hard to get your hands on...

    ...white castle?

    • rockwilder0
      rockwilder0  2 hours back

      I remember watching this movie in England. Since White Castle doesnt exist there, the English title is, "Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies."

    • big chew
      big chew  12 hours back

      Burger s get it .Great movie

    • Felicia Thornsbury
      Felicia Thornsbury  19 hours back

      Binging with Babish move to Florida, it’s impossible to satisfy your crave case cravings here

    • ArubaJacobs 115
      ArubaJacobs 115  1 days back

      Dutch korkets? Anyone

    • Bilal Salih
      Bilal Salih  2 days back

      hey Babish can please do some Turkish cuisine

  • Noah Locastro
    Noah Locastro  3 minutes back

    the sandwich from 17 again!!!

    • David Ginn
      David Ginn  12 minutes back

      Dude I love watching these videos you sir have brought me back into the world of cooking once again and refired the spark I lost at one point

      • 5crewyouy0uT00B
        5crewyouy0uT00B  13 minutes back

        penultimate? Did you mean something else? This must be incorrect. it's akin to saying second worst or second to the last in a series. This was the first movie in a trilogy... so this would mean of the three films it would have to be the second to worst.

        • diego barajas
          diego barajas  22 minutes back

          Please do thrice cream from chowder

          • diego barajas
            diego barajas  27 minutes back

            Please make a Minecraft cake

            • Infinite Loop
              Infinite Loop  28 minutes back

              This is so dumb, man. I used to watch your vids. I used to be subbed but... all you do is this gimmick now. I don't give a fuck about Harold & Kumar's burger order, man. I miss the old show. :.(

              • Alice Tercer
                Alice Tercer  42 minutes back

                Onion steamed hams.

                • Eun Zhang
                  Eun Zhang  1 hours back

                  Please make Jiang YanLi's "Lotus Root & Pork Rib Soup" from The Untamed/Mo Dao Zu Shi! 😍

                  • Clayton Suarez
                    Clayton Suarez  1 hours back

                    My family went to Vegas for my cousins wedding, and of course we all got trashed, went to "old Vegas" lost my group and ended up at a white Castle and my Lord it was like I walked up to the gates of heaven I ate sooooo much, some how my group found me and they order food, I ended up eating again. I threw up so much that nite... Long story short I would definitely do that again!

                    • Adriel
                      Adriel  2 hours back

                      Make the cake from minecraft

                      • Jason Tu
                        Jason Tu  2 hours back

                        You should join master chef and win

                        • Blaze Modz
                          Blaze Modz  2 hours back


                          • Brian Gravelle
                            Brian Gravelle  2 hours back

                            Babs, you are awesome! Keep up the great work!

                            • Ivan Duarte
                              Ivan Duarte  2 hours back

                              Babish, make the Flash, the Zoom, and the Killer Frost lattes from The Flash please!

                              • Theron Dalton
                                Theron Dalton  2 hours back

                                This is the third video in a row that Ive watched where I have gotten deja vu about the content and found that the video was a new release... What is going on ????

                                Great content as always though, Thanks! @Binging with Babish

                                • adarov
                                  adarov  2 hours back

                                  Never clicked a video so fast

                                  • Mr Syrup
                                    Mr Syrup  3 hours back

                                    Lmao, that movie was peak of cinema

                                    • Heeshant Beharee
                                      Heeshant Beharee  3 hours back

                                      I thought it was a Matt Stonie video by the thumbnail 😂 Am I the only one ?

                                      • Elienguitar
                                        Elienguitar  3 hours back

                                        I use Hawaiian rolls for my sliders.

                                        • Tom Jones
                                          Tom Jones  3 hours back

                                          Rolex sub.

                                          • D1N0 ALG
                                            D1N0 ALG  3 hours back

                                            Is there a white castle in the UK? I'd love to try them buy I can't afford a trip to the US lol

                                            • Keirsten Scott
                                              Keirsten Scott  3 hours back

                                              Can you make ramen from Naruto?

                                              • Mitchell Holladay
                                                Mitchell Holladay  4 hours back

                                                Coca-cola should have paid you for that money shot.

                                                • Messr's kitchen
                                                  Messr's kitchen  4 hours back

                                                  If you live in AZ and have never had White Castle like me thats all about to change cause they are building one in Scottsdale!

                                                  • Messr's kitchen
                                                    Messr's kitchen  4 hours back

                                                    Kings Hawaiian just came out with slider buns and they are the best! I personally buy a lb of wagyu ground beef form four 4 oz slider patties, sear them on a cast iron, grilled onions, cheese, kings hawaiian slider bun. Thats all you need.

                                                    • DryBabywipe _
                                                      DryBabywipe _  4 hours back

                                                      You should do the biscuit burger from Orange is the new black

                                                      • DonPandemoniac
                                                        DonPandemoniac  4 hours back

                                                        I like my burgers on the gourmet side, but man could I demolish a ton of those sliders

                                                        • Aram Guijarro
                                                          Aram Guijarro  5 hours back


                                                          • Payton Wales
                                                            Payton Wales  5 hours back

                                                            Make the 7 layered parfait from bobs burgers

                                                            • Jordan Bass
                                                              Jordan Bass  5 hours back

                                                              I have seen every video and have only just subscribed. lol oops

                                                              • Pat Mooney
                                                                Pat Mooney  5 hours back


                                                                • Aenide11
                                                                  Aenide11  5 hours back

                                                                  Please make The Stinky Sandwich from Home Improvement!

                                                                  • JELH
                                                                    JELH  5 hours back

                                                                    That's a nice watch, Babish. What brand is it?

                                                                    • Giuliano Pierrot
                                                                      Giuliano Pierrot  6 hours back

                                                                      Hey guys I don't know where else to ask this but what tv series (sitcom) was "Wa Soup" from? It's a soup made from leftover junk food created by the main character of the series. It was sold around town and became popular until the recipe was lost. Thats all I can remember of the episode.

                                                                      I can't seem to remember and can't find it online. I'm pretty sure it's from Even Stevens but searching says otherwise.

                                                                      Please help. I love to see Babish make "Wa Soup"

                                                                      • ItsTheSaneOne
                                                                        ItsTheSaneOne  6 hours back

                                                                        Can you try to create the Green Arrow's chili from the DC universe. It's supposed to be the spiciest food in that universe. Only Batman can handle it.

                                                                        • Jeff Cockmann
                                                                          Jeff Cockmann  6 hours back

                                                                          wtf that meat doesn't seem cooked at all

                                                                          • tbagvictor
                                                                            tbagvictor  6 hours back

                                                                            I can't wait for Babish cookbook

                                                                            • Giannigargiulo2
                                                                              Giannigargiulo2  6 hours back

                                                                              Could you do the foods from the saloons in red dead redemption 2?

                                                                              • Patich food
                                                                                Patich food  6 hours back

                                                                                МММ обажаю
                                                                                *Подпишись на мой канал*

                                                                                • Jehane Grisli
                                                                                  Jehane Grisli  6 hours back

                                                                                  Please make all 78 Zelda Breath of the wild recipes (if you can of course but I bet that with your culinary talents you might cook something amazing) !

                                                                                  • Rektrak Boi
                                                                                    Rektrak Boi  6 hours back

                                                                                    *chops up hundreds of onions*

                                                                                    Flash back to bubble bass order

                                                                                    • C & C Miller
                                                                                      C & C Miller  7 hours back

                                                                                      STOP! YOU MAKING ME HUNGRY!

                                                                                      • Adam P
                                                                                        Adam P  7 hours back

                                                                                        you can't possibly tell me that taste the same as a white castle slider. white castle is all about the buns and the steam onioned beef

                                                                                        • Gabriel Ruiz Vázquez
                                                                                          Gabriel Ruiz Vázquez  7 hours back

                                                                                          Babish, te agradecemos por el esfuerzo que le pones a todos tus videos. Eres grande Babish!

                                                                                          • Patrick Parmer
                                                                                            Patrick Parmer  7 hours back

                                                                                            "So lets say you dont use appetite enhancing substances"

                                                                                            • James Vierra
                                                                                              James Vierra  7 hours back

                                                                                              Make Mock Turtle Soup from the Gilmore Girls!

                                                                                            • anika2238
                                                                                              anika2238  7 hours back

                                                                                              Please do one of Paris and Kim’s meals they dream up in season 3 episode 3 of Voyager!